Hello! I'm Ruth and I do stuff. More specifically, I do stuff related to the arts and disability.  Funnily enough, I'm an artist with a disability! Has taken me a long time to feel comfortable saying both those things.  But now that I can, it feels pretty fuckin' good.  


So who is this Ruth? And why does she feel she can take up your valuable time? Well, I don't.  If anything, I want to contribute as much as I possibly can to your life so that I'm only adding good, empowering things that help the world. Don't get me wrong, can definitely get a bit ranty from time to time but all in the name of social justice and speaking up for "the little guy".  


I started my career in the arts as a singer and have done, and continue to do, a lot of gigs around my hometown of Canberra, Australia.  But now, at the ripe old age of 31, I realise that my dream was never to be singer but simply to leave this world having done something that I felt mattered.  My ambition is not to seek praise, fame or be seen as an inspiration. I simply like to use my time productively and in a constructive way that hopefully assists other people.


So yeah, that's the basic wrap.  I'm currently working as a freelancer in the arts.  If you'd like to hire me for one or two or five of the things I do above, please get in touch! Would love to chat more.



© 2018 by Ruth O'Brien

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